明和電機 – Maywa Denki

魚器とは    What is NAKI?

What is Naki series



1  自分を「魚」に、世界を「魚がすむ小さな海」に置き換え、その世界観の中で「自分とはなにか」の答えを発見する。
2 「1アイテム=1メッセージ」をテーマに発見したことをアルファベットの型番をつけて26個の製品を作る。
3 その結果をざっと眺め、自己の全体像を感じる。


Maywa Denki’s products started with NAKI Series in 1990 when Novmichi Tosa came across the personal question, “Who am I?” He adopted the following methods to try to solve this:
1  Compare oneself to a fish, and the world to a small sea where a fish lives, then, ask oneself “Who am I?” to find the answer from the point of a fish.
2  With the theme of “one item=one message,” create a product to express the answer. Give each one of 26 products an alphabetical model number.
3  Examine the results as a whole and feel the total image of one’s self.
This process is just like fishing. The fish (=the idea) swimming in the sea (=chaos in one’s brain) is landed onto the real world with the fishing technique (=reason) and fishing tackle(=mechanical engineering skill).  Novmichi tried to understand the undersea world (=himself) by analyzing 26 fishes caught from the sea.

魚器シリーズの展示 / NAKI Series exhibit


NAKI Series comprises a total of 26 products , each labeled Model A-Z, displayed here in the round. Those placed inside the circle are “in their own world ,” those outside the corcle are “outside themselves,” and those right on the line are “interfaces between within and without”


The Concept of NAKI Series


A: 神の視点

B: 人間の視点

C 道具の視点
創造者としての人間が作った道具の中に、神性を込めたもの。魚の造形をした、楽器、武器、家電製品 (例:魚コード、グラスカープ、弓魚など)

Various kinds of questions flowed through his mind in the producing process of NAKI Series, such as “What is God”?” “What is the world?” and “What is to produce a thing?” Finding an answer to these led him to create three types of products made from three different points of view:

A: God’s point of view:
Compare a fish in aquarium to a human being, and a human being to God who is looking at the fish.  Make a simulator of closed, small world like a globe. (e.g.  Uke-Tel, Tako-Niwa, Sei-Gyo, and Hai-Gyo)

B   Human being’s point of view
Look at the world from the different angle by putting some device between the relationship of a human being and the world.
(e.g. Uo-No-Me, KinGyo-no-Hung, and Ring-Ring)

C   Tool’s point of view
Instill divinity into a tool made by a human being(=a creator). Form a tool into a fish-shaped musical instrument, a weapon,and electric appliances. (e.g. Na-Cord, Glass-Carp, and Yumi-Na)


Each piece of NAKI Series is a component of the nonsense machine called “a human being.”
The components in this catalogue are appeared separately one by one as a mutilated fish, however,
Maywa Denki wishes that“the nonsense fish” created in one’s own brain begins to swim once again by carefully looking at all 26 nonsense machines.